Art & Empathy Series: Music

By Level Ground (other events)

Saturday, October 10 2015 10:00 AM 12:00 PM CST

With: Derek Webb and Jennifer Knapp.

Why is it that the arts seem to have an unparalleled capacity to move us? Perhaps it is because art helps us understand one another by immersing us in experiences that allow us to confront difference while giving us room to process the stories of our lives. Of all the art forms, music is matchless in its ability to sneak past our defenses and touch our emotions while revealing timeless truths about ourselves, the world around us, and our God.
Join singer-songwriters Jennifer Knapp, Derek Webb, and Melinda Doolittle for an Art and Empathy Workshop on Music that will showcase new ways to engage with the songs we listen to. The discussion will center on the unique and memorable ways that music opens up our hearts to foster empathy for those whose stories are different from our own. 

Each artist will share songs that have had a profound impact on their lives and have helped them in their own journeys exploring the terrain where faith, gender, and sexuality intersect.