Closing Party

By Level Ground (other events)

Saturday, October 10 2015 10:30 PM 11:30 PM CST

At Level Ground we believe it is incredibly important to balance difficult, sometimes painful conversations with lighthearted spaces for friendship and joy. These celebratory spaces offer some of the best opportunities to connect with others. To share what we’ve seen, how our thinking has been challenged, and how we are being transformed. 

These are the places we make new friends. Where we see people who are different from us — who we’ve learned about on screen or heard speak on stage — as people who love a delicious cheese plate or a great IPA just as much as we do. We find as much meaning in the celebration as we do the film screenings, performances, and dialogues.  

We hope you’ll join us to close out what promises to be a great Level Ground Nashville Festival. This is a place to laugh, dance, eat, and celebrate that life is full of both pain and joy, darkness and hope, conflict and love.