Holy Yoga

By Level Ground (other events)

Saturday, October 10 2015 9:00 AM 10:30 AM CST

Yoga is for anyone and everyone. It's not just for the flexible, it is for the willing. Level Ground begins each festival with a simple, beginning-level yoga class as a prayerful and embodied reflection of the dialogue, encounters, and discovery you may experience during the festival.

Yoga is a practice that teaches presence. It reminds us to live as interconnected beings — heart, soul, mind, and body. While the complexities and stresses of our daily lives may tempt us to compartmentalize, yoga teaches us to resist this temptation. The practice can heal, restore, and revive body and soul. It can bring freedom and lightness to the mind. We learn to be quiet, to hear our inner dialogue, and to receive enough grace to be where we are.

The intention of Holy Yoga at Level Ground is for you to show up just as you are; to come as simply as you can manage. It's a practice that speaks of quiet reflection, humble restoration, and grace for all. As we learn what it means to accept ourselves moment by moment, we cultivate the practice of accepting others.